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23 August 2011, Tuesday

Wasai Kadir a.k.a. Labi Waterfall

Jan Shim  tweeted on 22 Aug 2011, suggesting we need not wait till Friday to go hiking. Jan and I often capture photographs during our walkabouts, if we are not having coffee meetings. This morning, we went hiking. Where to? 4ºN 114ºE.

Jan Shim documenting the Wasai Kadir welcome wall structure.

We drove to Wasai Kadir, Labi, in the Belait District in Brunei Darussalam. Wasai is Brunei Malay word for waterfall. Wasai Kadir is a popular picnic spot located 50 km on Jalan Sg Liang-Labi. There are a concrete paved parking lot, public toilets, several large, roofed picnic or rest structures, BBQ pits, etc. [Read Jan’s reportage here: http://bit.ly/panR1v and here: http://bit.ly/pTpNbc ]

A prominent local businessman, Pehin Lau Ah Kok, through his Hua Ho group of companies, has sponsored the construction of these amenities. Where there used to be rickety, and dangerous log bridges spanning streams up in the hills, there are now three new wooden bridges. In addition, one steep section of the trail now has a strong 30 mm thick nylon guide rope attached to implanted steel posts. All these installations make hiking this hill trail this time so effortless (my last visit was March 2011).

Weather was cool. The sun broke out from the clouds and we were spared from squally rain experienced during the last two wet weekend days. So we enjoyed our hike. Being early birds, we arrived at the foothill at 7.30 a.m. This morning, we had the entire hill to ourselves.

Unrushed and undisturbed, we captured fern, moss, palm, the running water and, of course, the waterfall itself.

I must admit, however, that the dry period from June has reduced fluvial volume. The waterfall isn’t as voluminous as it would be during the wetter season. Notwithstanding this, the pure sound of cascading water in this undisturbed forest was soothing meditation music to relax our worked out muscles. Along the way, the rushing water and sound of bubbling brooks further add rhythm and texture to this morning music.

We were rewarded with a collection of photos, fresh air and a great workout. After our descent, we drove to the end of this Jalan Sg Liang-Labi…at Km 54 or 0 km at Teraja, we noticed a sign pointing, on a trail, to 2 more “wasai” — Wasai Teraja and Wasai Beluluk. Looking at each other, it appears like we’re already planning on another hike . . .

Enjoy the slide show below. To study the photographs individually, follow me on Facebook here http:   http://on.fb.me/qfUjMP

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Behind the scene photographs were captured by Jan Shim [Thanks, Jan]. Enjoy his beautiful photographs and report “Ray of Light Moment At Wasai Kadir” and “Inside the Fern-tasy Forest of Labi Forest Reserve“.