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When asked to go on a photo exploration (06 May 2011) to a forested patch in Mukim Liang, I jumped at the opportunity. Jan Shim had contacted me earlier if I would be free. He had been informed by sources of a great opportunity to photograph one of Brunei’s famous pitcher plants, the Nepenthes sp.

A shrivelled pitcher plant, resembling an owl.

Excited, challenged and dared, we scouted Bukit Sawat only to see vast stretches of forests cleared and slated for development. Then, we chanced upon a patch of green, with earthwork and road making already in progress. As fate would have it, we decided this habitat that must be ventured before man’s machines threaten the delicate eco-system here.

This somboi-somboi's unique leafy structure led to our discovery of the colony here.

No sooner had we ventured into the undergrowth than we chanced upon the distinctive leaves of the pitcher plants. We followed the main stems and behold, a treasure trove lay before our eyes on the forest floor. We struck gold! Beautiful nepenthes rafflesiana (or somboi-somboi in local speak), plus some.

Look at this healthy specimen. Colourful. Vibrant. Healthy.

It was a good Friday afternoon after all. It was worth the sweat, sun and “somboi-somboi”. The sweet discovery of these beautiful pitcher plants makes a happy man. Please, enjoy the slide show, below.

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