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If PringlesTM is to potato chips, then Windows Live WriterTM (WLW) is to a blog publisher. That’s what my friend and business associate, Jan Shim, tells me. He said, and I agree, that life is too short for us to be smitten with grey hair waiting for the slow editing engines inherent in the default blogs common to many, e.g. WordPress, Blogger, etc.

This is my first foray into editing a blog entry using WLW. I was told that I could use this application as intuitively as I would use Microsoft Word. Now, that statement alone excites me to give this desktop blog publisher a try.

Jan Shim giving the thumbs up

Look, this is my first WYSIWYG editing using WLW. I’m sure Jan Shim (pictured) would give me the “thumbs up”. I added a border and nestled this photo to the left of this paragraph, creating the look and feel of a magazine. While there are many more features yet to be discovered, I am already excited using this intuitive WLW program from Microsoft.

This first experience has made a convert. From now on, WLW is going to be my de-facto blog publisher. [Readers can download WLW from Microsoft here.]

WLW is now my friend. Less hair pulling. Less wait time, especially if you have a photo or a gallery of them to upload. Intuitive, user-friendly GUI and more. I will report to you from time to time of my new experience in using this intuitive desktop blog publisher. Thank you, Jan Shim for introducing this great app. and thank you MicrosoftR for this great product. Truly, just as much as I enjoy PringlesTM crisps, I now enjoy using WLW.

Hip Hooray!