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This was my son’s post on Facebook the minute he got home before I entered our house from the garage. This was how excited he was.

I’m impressed with my son’s stubborn passion seeking out Topspin, desiring to own it and, adding to his collection of other Transformer autobots.


We went on a family outing to Miri on Monday, 29th August. After visiting a family friend and lunch, we went shopping. Driven by his desire to own Topspin, my son immediately broke off from the family pack. Why shouldn’t he? I’ve not seen so much passion in him wanting a “toy” as the interest he shows in buying other mundane stuff.


A few days ago, Friday, we were in a major shopping plaza in Brunei. He too went looking for this toy. Unsuccessful from this day out, he had Topspin prioritized, like a heat-seeking missile locked on an enemy target.

TOPSPIN, a Nascar autobot, is all about top speed and being heavily equipped with a battery of weapons. Together with ROADBUSTER and LEADFOOT, they are the Wreck and Rule autobots on CYBERTRON

I am very happy Clarence found Topspin. Next on his mind is to watch the July 2011 release of Dark Of The Moon sequel movie, probably the DVD version. He didn’t watch it at the cinema because he was overseas, attending an interview.

Passion is a great mountain mover. His desire to own Topspin earns him bragging rights among the overseas “bots owners club”.

He proudly lets me know there’re 39 autobots in his collection so far. WOW! I am still not sure how to put into words how his hobby has blasted off since he watched the first Transformer The Movie (see poster) way back in 2007. The movie has made him to single-mindedly desire every autobot produced to add to his collection.

Part of the collection

During our way back from Miri, I heard his sister asking him an autobot she had bought for his birthday. I realize he has also got his sister on board. . . . He sat in the back of our car, and peeled the bubble wrap to lay his hands on his new toy. I was driving, he was toying. How snazzy is that?

Topspin as a Nascar muscle machine.

Passion. It is the white-hot burning desire, as Napoleon Hill said in his book, “Think and Grow Rich“, has driven my son to be so determined, so focussed and so stubbornly addicted to his collection of autobots.

Articulating Topspin autobot

I relate the time when my son was attending a field-engineer interview in a foreign country. One of the tasks all the interviewees had to do was to reassemble knocked-down units into a complete, scaled down machinery or rig. My son reported to us that he was able to complete his task ahead of the time given, and with much ease. He attribute this to the years he has been toying with the transformational permutations of his collection of bots. This has helped him with his eye-hand co-ordination as well as thinking on his feet.

To this end, I conjured a moral for his passionate obsession. One needs to have great passion in everything one is doing. Passion can move a mountain. Passion gets things done.


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