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A snazzy rap-py hip-hop music video started appearing on Malaysian TV on the eve of Malaysia’s independence day. It portrays the spirit of harmony and sense of belonging among Malaysian youths. Featuring Malay, Indian and Chinese youths, this MTV is Malaysia’s improvisation of Kanye West and Estelle’s popular song “American Boy“.

The Malaysian Boy video is being aired on Astro TV (paid satellite TV) and, at the time of writing this blog, it is also available on Youtube.

If I could, I would add to the MTV’s title, A MALAYSIAN VOICE, to invigorate the essence of “Unity Is Strength” motto enshrined on the logo of the Federation of Malaysia. This Malaysia voice also reinforces the unilateral ambition of multi-racial communities in their march forward to develop and crown their “Negaraku” (my country, my motherland) as a developed nation.

The youths, the pillars of Vision 2020, in this MTV traverse this God blessed beautiful country, from rural to urban to show a connection that is uniquely Malaysian, Truly Asian. Malaysians of various races, cultures and classes knitting together the delicate and intricate fabrics of society into a holistic entity. The use of colourful jigsaw pieces carried through the vast, luminous Malaysian landscape, to be juxtaposed into a national flag is nothing short of the creative synergy all Malaysians have and, at the same time, demonstrates emphatically that in the spirit of 1Malaysia, there can indeed be true unity in the country’s multi-ethnic diversity.

I applaud the production team for the outstanding choreography and videography. Given only 10 days to come up with this masterpiece truly echoes the Malaysia Boleh (able, ability) sentiment, testament of the creative energy and of the determined tenacity of Malaysia’s citizenry. To this refreshing MTV, which I enjoy watching tremendously, I applaud Astro Malaysia and the entire production crew for this musical gift for all Malaysians as Malaysia celebrates her 54th Anniversary of Merdeka, Malaysia’s independence day.

Majulah Bangsa 1Malaysia, Malaysia, Negaraku. [translated, Wishing progress for 1Malaysia Malaysians, Malaysia, my motherland.]

MTV Credits:
Creative Director/Supervising Director: Abid Hussain
Director: Kang
Producer & Editor: Joey Lim
Associate Producer: Emily
Assistant Producer: Daniel
DOP: Nick Lee
Post Production: VHQ
Production House: Barry Gladmore
Graphic Supervision: Martin and Shin
Production Supervisior: Punitha
Copyright: Astro, Malaysia


Watch the video here:



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