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ISO 800, 1/250s. f11 1824Hrs Kuala Belait beach

ISO 800, 1/250s, f11 1825 Hrs, Kuala Belait beach

This was to be a 7.5 km exercise. I had planned to drive to Panaga residential area to capture hornbills. The heat of the day, however, kept me indoors until I saw the warm glow in the evening sky. I decided I was going to walk to the beach and enjoy the sunset.

With my camera in the backpack, towel in hand, and of course, my identity card, I walked briskly to the beach. The sky was just a golden wash, not too bright. But the haze from the past days suggested that when the fireball dipped to about 5º from the horizon, it would turn a firey red.

On the beach, I walked east, away from the sun. The only indication of the sunset was indicated by the canvas of the sky. I traversed on the sand for another 0.5 km or more, turned back, and lo and behold, it was time to yank out the camera.

ISO 200, 1/4s, f22 1834 Hrs, Kuala Belait beach

I was too far from the distant trees at the river estuary on  the “horizon” so my 24-70mm f2.8 lens didn’t do any good. Quickly I mounted the 70-200mm f2.8 lens and fired away.

Within a 15 minute window of opportunity, I walked as I ran to change location, moving towards the sunset.  I got 5 shots to share with you (most others were duplicates).

Kuala Belait does have nice sunsets. And I do enjoy exercising on the beach here. Today, I walked and photographed the sun. The fiery red ball ended a warm, peaceful day in a poignant splash of crimson and yellows. I was happy bathed in the light of this golden hour.

ISO 200, 1/4 s, f22 1825 Hrs, Kuala Belait beach

After capturing the sunset, I had another 3.5 km to walk back. You see, I left the car at home because I had wanted to exercise. Happy with the shots, I happily trod back.

ISO 200, 1/4 s f22, 1838 Hrs, Kuala Belait Beach