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This short update follows from my first posting on Lytro Light Field Camera – Is it The Camera Of The Future?

If you are as excited with this new imaging system as the Lytro Light Field Camera, you would dig deep for more information as I have. I share with you some of the features of Lytro’s Shoot-First-Focus-Later camera, in verbatim, from a report by Lijiana, on Junior Hero, dated 28 June 2011.

“The Lytro camera, which uses an entirely new way to take pictures, almost miraculously letting you forget about focusing and exposure  instead can concentrate on framing and art. Light-field & plenoptic camera have existed behind the closed doors of research laboratories for years, but Lytro’s first-generation camera will be the first pocketable, mainstream device capable of post-shot refocusing. The camera’s price, size, and release date are unknown at this time, however, several important details about the camera and its underlying technology could make it or break it in terms of mass appeal.

  • The cost of the camera will be competitive with traditional consumer cameras.
  • The camera will be small enough to fit in a pocket.
  • you can save the files as a JPEG
  • The file sizes will be comparable to regular picture formats. Slightly larger, but not by an order of magnitude.
  • Video is entirely possible within the light field. It is on our long-term roadmap, but video capture will not be available in its  first product.
  • The camera creates a unique file format that is compatible with any 3D device (laptop, TV, etc.) with 3D glasses. That said, you can easily switch between 2D and 3D pictures on these devices, unlike other media optimized for 3D.

Lytro living images include the Lytro light field engine wherever they are viewed–whether on a PC, mobile, or on the Web. Lytro is tapping into modern Web technologies like Flash and HTML5 to let people share and interact with living pictures without needing to download any additional software.”


On her page, you can click on any part of the image showing subjects at different depths of field. You would be amazed refocussing is possible after you pressed the shutter. I respond with one expletive, WOW!

In the sample below, in the first photo, the rose is in focus. The middle photo shows the woman in the foreground in focus. The third photo is pin-sharp on the 3rd woman. Image courtesy of Lytro.com.

© Lytro. Women in Focus and Out-of-focus.

© Lytro. Women 1-2-3 in focus and out of focus


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