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Brunei will celebrate Teachers’ Day on 24 September 2011. The Ministry of Education’s announcement appears on Borneo Bulletin today, 06 September. The celebratory theme is “Teachers Shape The Nation’s Character.”

My parents were my first teachers, and to all other teachers past and present, I salute each of you with this article.


First, let me share with you a poem by Paula Fox,


The child arrives like a mystery box;
with puzzle pieces inside.
Some of the pieces are broken or missing;
and others just seem to hide.

But the heart of the teacher can sort them out;
and help the child to see.
The potential for greatness he has within;
a picture of what he can be.

Her goal isn’t just to teach knowledge;
by filling the box with more parts.
It’s putting the pieces together;
to create a work of art.

The process is painfully slow a times;
some need more help than others.
Each child is a work in progress;
with assorted shapes and colours.

First she creates a classroom;
where the child can feel safe in school.
Where he never feels threatened or afraid to try;
and kindness is always the rule.

She knows that a child can achieve much more;
when he feels secure inside.
When he’s valued and loved and believes in himself;
and he has a sense of pride.

She models and teaches good character;
and respect for one another.
How to focus on strengths, not weaknesses;
and how to encourage each other.

She gives the child the freedom he needs;
to make choices on his own.
So he learns to become more responsible;
and is able to stand alone.

He is taught to be strong and think for himself;
as his soul and spirit heal.
And the puzzle that’s taking shape inside;
has a much more positive feel.

The child discovers the joy that comes;
from learning something new.
And his vision grows as he begins;
to see all things he can do.

A picture is formed as more pieces fit;
as image of a child within.
With greater strength and confidence;
and a belief that he can win.

All because a hero was there;
in the heart of a teacher who cared.
Enabling the child to become much more;
than he ever imagined or dared.

A teacher with a heart for her children;
knows what teaching is all about.
She may not have all the answers;
but on this, she has no doubt.

When asked which subjects she loved to teach;
She answered this way and smiled.
It’s not the subjects that matter;
It’s all about teaching the child.


Teachers are heroes. They are most often the unsung heroes. A teacher’s occupation is very demanding, often full of stress. In spite of the unending attention to curriculum and details of lesson planning and delivery, a teacher is also a friend and counsellor for the children in his/her care. Often teachers of all qualification are under-paid, not adequately appreciated and often mis- understood by the community in which they serve. Undeterred by such nuances and negative treatment, teachers continue to remain dedicated and committed in their noble profession. Teachers are heroes. In the song “Hero”, Mariah Carey sings,

And then a HERO comes along,
With the strength to carry on.
And you cast your fears aside,
And you know you can survive.
So when you feel like hope is gone,
Look inside you and be strong.
And then you’ll finally see the truth,
That a HERO lies in you.


Finally, to cap off this dedication, please play this video, “Teacher Appreciation Song” by Brian Asselin and Eric Disero.

Have a VERY HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY for each of you is every child’s hero.



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