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Awareness about intellectual property copyright is alive and well in Brunei. However, there are still some quarters which are naive and ill-informed. Action and education must be taken to make sure this plague doesn’t continue.

About 1½ hours ago (1345 Hours), a fellow Facebook friend raised an alarm about copyright infringement by a wedding photography-videography business for failing to acknowledge the use of music composed by a local production house. While the real situation remains unclear to me, I trust the affected parties concerned would solve this in the most amicable way, each benefitting the other party within a mutually exclusive creative commons environment.

Copyright can be a confusing territory for many people. In many cases the natural confusion over the sometimes varied circumstances surrounding copyright will lead people to rely upon rumor or myth more often than the actual legal facts which naturally confuses the matter even more. — excerpt from DeviantART:Copyright Policy

In spite of the negative awareness, this awareness itself bodes well for the community of image makers in Brunei. The fundamental premise for all image makers is this: Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. No buts. No Exceptions.

I reproduce below our animated discussion from our FB chat. Names and avatar images have been obscured to protect the real identities of persons and the affected company. My offline chat isn’t included here.

Screen capture of conversations

Let this be a lesson learned by all consumers and professionals. Respect intellectual property copyrights and acknowledge your sources. Know the terms of fair use for every media used. And, always, always give credit where it is due. Pay royalty if it applies. No exceptions.

“Fair Use” is the notion that some public and private uses of copyrighted works should not require the permission of a copyright owner. — excerpt from DeviantART: Copyright Policy


DeviantART.com has a very clear and concise description about copyrights. Please spend some time to read the information contained about Copyright Policy. Understand the implications and the rights to intellectual property and respect the creative works of others. If you must use another author’s media, obtain permission for fair use, and give due credit in your work.

The bottom line is: Just about anything that is on this site, on the web, on TV, on CD’s, on DVD’s, in books & in magazines is probably copyrighted by someone. — excerpt from DeviantART.com: Copyright Policy.