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It’s not my birthday any time soon. This was a card from a past birthday.

Children will say the darnest things. When they wish you a happy birthday and make you a birthday card, you know instinctively that they mean whatever they say, and have made it with love. Unconditional, unbridled, unabashed, unequivocal.

This was from an old birthday card which I dug up for its nostalgia. This blog entry is a tribute to my children who poured their creative energy to good use. What’s more, they made this card using recycled materials. On this card were genuine wishes hand-written by each of them. This is therefore my best birthday card ever.

One of the sweetest remarks came from my youngest who unabashedly asked my age on the card. I was utterly amused with delight of this child’s innocence and naivety.

My little girl asks: How old are you now? Answer: Evergreen at heart.

Boys will be boys. My son wrote a succinct straight-from-the-heart wish. It is genuine, sincere and honest. I like that.

Boys don’t say much, but they mean what they say.

The eldest girl, attending university, uses her linguistic prowess to carve words of appreciation for her parents. A big girl now, she knows her place and sense of purpose. She promises to be the best she can be. As parents, what more could we ask for? She benchmarks the achievement targets and sets her own goals. I am well pleased.

Cool headed girl, she knows what she’s got to do, and she’ll do it well.

Our artist-in-residence daughter is a transformed teenager. Exposed to the continuing saga of uncertain world economics, she requests the graphic tablet we promised her to be shelved. But which parents would deny grooming a talented child? As a matter of fact, all our children are gifted and talented. We are thankful for this blessing.

While we are not in a position to reward her a Wacom Cintiq, and our old Wacom Intuos is dated, she shall be blessed, notwithstanding her request, with the Wacom Bamboo. We feel she deserves the Bamboo graphic tablet to develop her artistic skills to the next level.

The artist-in-residence, her thoughts and denial about the Wacom Bamboo

And, people say, behind every successful man there’s a strong woman. Loving, loyal, faithful. Indeed, my wife, Karen, is such a person. She is breathing confidence and hope for me and our family. She feels our family will enjoy a fresh, new spring. I will treasure her thoughts like an answered prayer.

My wife’s confidence and steadfastness. She is my pillar and strength.

So then, this old birthday card is an example showing how, with some collegial effort, my children collectively recycled used materials to make me the best birthday card ever. I shall truly treasure this masterpiece.

To followers of my blog, readers and visitors, why not share with me, via the comment box below, your favourite birthday card, hand-made or bought from the shops? Let’s start this “conversation” of birthday cards!

Design details. Simple. Artistic. Colourful. Vibrant. Less is More

This card is nothing more than strips of excess coloured paper, letter cutouts from newspapers, corrugated box lids joined with tape, and generous use of colour pens and pencils. All done with lots of love by my children. Approved by my wife, Karen.

Back of the card. Cardboard lids joined with black tape


In my honest opinion, this personalised, home-made birthday card is priceless. It is the best ever given by my children to me. I am so blessed, don’t you think? Thank you, very much.