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28 September is traditionally celebrated as Teachers’ Day in Taiwan. On this august date, my children’s school celebrated Teacher’s Day for their teachers. It was a musical presentation of the GLEE-ful kind.

Introduction to Starfish

Starfish is a musical-movie presentation of the GLEE-ful kind. Highly recommended for the Students’ Oscar.

Rather than a copy-cat of the TV series GLEE, this Chung Hua Middle School’s presentation centers on teachers who make a difference for the students. Borrowed from a motivational theme, Starfish Story made popular on Youtube, the CHMS Glee production was aptly titled “Starfish”.

CHMS Starfish centers on Mark, a student who caught the attention of a dedicated teacher who shaped him from being a cowardly, self-defeated, lacking confidence boy into a successful, determined badminton ace. Like the little girl who took the trouble to return beached starfish to the sea, so that these creatures survive, Mark was helped by his beloved teacher Tony who transform the lad from zero to hero.

Train, train, train . . . never say never
Be persistent, be determined, be committed.

There was no molly-coddling in the determined cast of Starfish. Seventeen students got together to decide on the theme, write the script and then to film their 90 min video. Now for students who have never taken film studies, this movie deserves recommendation for a Student Oscar.

A Glee moment

The moral conveyed through this movie is persistence, commitment and determination. Plus guidance, dedication and care from the teachers, success is achievable by each and every child. It also underlines the fact that none of us alone can make a difference for each and everyone, but each and everyone of us can make a difference for someone, one at a time. And it all starts with someone “making a difference” for one person/thing at a time. From this moment on, this one change will create an instant ripple effect for life. Snowballing from one person to the next.

Don’t stop believing . . .

However, the movie while being the centerpiece of Starfish was bedazzled with equally outstanding stage performances by these enthusiastic students.

And, of course, to any great Oscar production, there is the creative director. And, who other than Cyril Stewart Teo. For this Student Oscar, it may be right and proper to regard Cyril as the Steven Spielberg of this “Starfish” production.

Cyril Teo is the Steven Spielberg of this “Starfish” production.


Happiness is success achieved
Excitement from celebrating a momentous achievement
It takes one, then two, then three, and four, and more to make a difference
The STARFISH Cast. Well done, everybody.


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