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Monday 17 October 2011. 60 Year 6 children from Chung Hua Middle School had an educational tour of the Fire and Rescue Station in Kuala Belait. 9 Teachers accompanied these children.

These children learned about the functions of the Fire and Rescue Department. Their awareness to the 995 emergency number was raised to consciousness and reinforced. After a briefing, the First Responders introduced these eager beavers to an array of fire and rescue equipment. These include pneumatic chears, jacks, breathing apparatus and so forth.The children’s excitement heightened when they were assisted in handling these life-saving equipment. Boys and girls queued to handle and manipulate the metal shearing cutter, one used for cutting mangled metal in automobile accidents. Where balloons are the stuff of children’s parties, these children had a greater treat. They stood on load bearing “balloons”, pneumatic airbags that have ratings of 5 tons, 15 tons and 25 tons. These airbags are used for raising accident vehicles to enable normal jacks to be placed under.The Year 6 girls, especially found standing the ballooning air-jacks a hair-raising experience.

Girls trying out the pneumatic shears

They children were allowed to climb onboard the department’s catamaran. And, pretend to be skippers. This treat was sweetened when these children were given a ride round the block in two fire-engines. Sirens wailed and emergency blue and red lights flashed while these children gleefully waved as their noisy rides began.

Gleeful girls in the cab of the firetruck

Off for a siren-wailing ride round the block

The wheels of the Firetruck go round and tround

After their joyous rides, the children had a whale of a time smothered in foam. Girls and boys showed no restraint in experiencing this fun. To add to this excitement, “snow” was dispersed and the scenario became a scene akin to snow falling in winter.

A white christmas . . . of the foamy kind

Look, a snowman !! LOL !! 🙂

If this wasn’t enough, the penultimate treat was handling of a 3 metre live python. The python having swallowed 2 chickens was “caught” by the firemen and it’s mouth securely tied and taped. Stomach filled, this reptile was so dormant the children queued to lift this serpent. Even girls didn’t squeal at the sight of this. In fact, the girls touched, grabbed, and lifted the snake as if it were a toy, a heavy one.

Snake? What snake?

We could "eat" this one . . . yums.

Girls power. This python is under our spell....

Wow, what a day it was. The children did have a blast at BOMBA Kuala Belait. As a parent, I THANK Kuala Belait’s BOMBA (Fire and Rescue Department) for this invaluable educational experience for my child and her schoolmates. I also thank BOMBA for their warm hospitality and for giving out a generous packaged refreshment for each and every child in attendance. Terima kasih, BOMBA KB.

Cikgy Zakaria shows how it's done

Woman's Power - Cikgu Mui Choo says "I can"

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Santa Claus is coming to town

A Group Photo For The Album