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Lytro Camera Launched: World’s 1st Consumer Light-Field Camera

October 19 2011 is a historic day for Dr. Ren Ng and his cohorts at Lytro Inc. The company introduces the world’s first consumer light-field camera, with the catchline “Capture Everything. Focus After The Fact. Share Living Pictures”.

© Lytro.com

This Lytro camera is the world’s first consumer light field camera, boasting an f/2.0, 8X zoom lens. Using a clever blend of physics and software, this camera is touted as capable of capturing an infinite depth of field. It captures everything. No more blurry photos!  Never miss a moment.  Think differently. It just works.

Form Follows Function © Lytro.com

Housed in a long form, anodised aluminium chasis, this camera features an injected silicon rubber grip and two buttons, one for power, the other for shutter. Simplicity at its best.  No more daunting array of buttons and deep menus, typically found in most digital cameras. There is a focus on-demand option, via the camera’s glass touchscreen display, a useful function for selective focussing.

The camera weighs in just under 8 oz, and its small form factor or 1.61 in x 1.61 in x 4.41 in | 41 mm x 41 mm x 112 mm makes it easy to handhold. The camera is available in hot red, graphite and electric blue. Detailed specifications for this camera are listed here: https://www.lytro.com/camera#tab-specs.

It is my hope that Lytro would send me a camera for field testing. I shall keep my request known to Lytro, so that I could give a local hands-on report. Ren, and Lytro, are you listening?

© Lytro.com


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