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Friday, 21st October. I walked away from Brunei Online: That’s Where It’s @ forum with a recourse for action: Social Media is the Way to Go. Whether you are on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, et. al, these microblogging sites could be the engines for propelling your business and social outreach.

TelBru, the event’s main sponsor, promises improved infrastructure in the pipeline. The telco’s GM, WS Lim cited an increasing segment of traffic is now coming from mobile devices (44%) while the remaining is from fixed line. Up the ante,Telbru envisions speed-of-light fibre optic transmission when the FTTH infrastructure is in place by 2013. Going by the textbook, Lim charts up speed of 75 Mbps throughput, a bold promise nonetheless.

Telbru’s GM, W.S. Lim

Discussing “Dude, Where’s My Traffic?”, Rano Iskandar, Delwin Keasberry and Dinoza Mahruf took the stage, moderated by Azhani Daniel. Microblogging, the trio agree, is the in-thing to do. Twitter and Facebook pages stay at the forefront for branding. Websites, are unanimously declared boring, the popularity waning. Blogging too, but it is still a useful platform for a more engaging and comprehensive discussion of topics and issues. Rano trumps his favour for Facebook, Delwin dwells supreme in Monde du Twitter and guest panelist Dino endorses the efficacy of Facebook pages for the generation of profits, not just page hits.

(L–R) Dino, Rano, Mel and Ms Azhani

On “Why Join The Twitter Conversation”, Dato Timothy Ong gave 3 reasons why he, as a late Tweep, too is on this bandwagon. Moderated by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dato Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos (a popular, fondly beloved blogger by the name Brunei Resources), Dato Ong gave an engaging discourse why all leaders should adopt social media.

Dato Timothy Ong with Dato Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos

Overcoming resistance to IT, Dato Ong says he’s a late boomer to Twitter, smartphones and the like. Joining twitter on 18th July, 2011, he quickly realises that tweeting has the power and capacity to do good. Social media can become the effective real-time agent of change for the world. He has found Twitter an engaging tool to be in conversation with the leaders of tomorrow.

Keenan Jiran and Simon Soo concluded the day’s forum discussing the merits of social media entrepreneurship, and how they’ve layered their business success from one ideation to the next, selling off one successful business model, and to plough back into newer and bigger business entities. Their formulae for success is to cultivate purposeful and active social networks, engaging their clients to connect and interact, building web-savvy, social media expert-technopreneurs.

Keeran and Simon on techno-preneurship

Coffee consumed. Finger bites devoured. Snap shots immortalized. The forum on this day has sent me away with tingling sensations, choreographing a clear and distinct resonance that social media will become the de-facto unofficial engine for social engineering, just as did the Arab Spring. But of course, here in this Abode of Peace, we do it peacefully, for community harmony, for business progress and for happiness and prosperity. As Dato Ong puts it poignantly, let’s get involved in conversation with one another. Only then can we move forward with a common understanding. As Ms Azhani (@emmagoodegg) puts it beautifully, “we are not robots”, so it is a good thing we humans interact, purposefully and purposively, with each other using social media as the happy medium.


Azhani Daniel — @emmagoodegg
Rano Iskandar — ranoadidas.com
Delwin Keasberry — projekbrunei.com
Dinoza Mahruf — borneocolours.com (from Sabah)
Keeran Janin — @keeranj
Simon Soo — simonsoo@businesscenter.com
Dato Timothy Ong — @Timothy_OngTM
Dato Hj Mohd Rozan Dato Paduka Hj Mohd Yunos
— @bruneiresources


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