Who is . . .

I am Nothing, really. Unless I Create.”
This tag line reflects the creative, artistic and expressive side of me.


I am Anthony Er, affectionately known to many as Tony.

Photography is my passion. My interest, skill and training in this art and craft began with my maternal grandfather who opened a studio in the 1940s. My uncle ran the business and he was assisted by my mother; she was quite a skillful photo finisher and colourist. When I was a young boy, I was exposed to darkroom by two of my uncles who turned a bedroom into a processing lab. My father himself was an avid photographer. You can say I was exposed to photography from a very young age.  So, all this makes me (and one brother) a 3rd generation photographer.

But, wait, I did not take the direct route to photography. I detoured and advanced academically, obtained an M.A., B.E.S.(Hons) + Deans’ Honor Roll, P.G.C.E.,  and a few post-graduate diplomas. Thus, for a good part of my early career, I embroiled myself in graphic arts, design and teaching. Photography got sidelined, but I kept it active as a hobby on one part, and freelancing on the other part.

My style of photography has been influenced by master photographers from the U.K. and the U.S.A. In the early1990s, I enrolled in a professional photography course. As time would bring to bear, in 1995,  I purchased a training manual by the late master, Monte Zucker. This manual was sold to me by an ex-President of the Master Photographer Association (UK), David Worthington. From these two great men, I learned much, in particular in classical portrait and wedding photography. No sooner had I started this new education than I began to freelance as a social (portrait and wedding) photographer. By 2002, my wife, Karen, and I opened a photo shop.

In the 1990s, when the business of image making marched from film to digital, I learned the new medium without haste, attending workshops and learning from training CDs/DVDs and subscribing to online training. I still learn — it’s a life long process.

Fast forward to the 21st century, I can proudly proclaim to have become a professional photographer, with international customers in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and Vietnam. I have also delved into High Definition (HD) videography, frame making, and large format printing.

Although I wear many hats, I believe god-given talent has to be put to good use. And, many clients have been happy with that. Such then is my passion and effort devoted to expressions of life, creativity and my professional work. Career and profession aside, my other interests include classical music, fine food, painting, sketching, hiking and travel.

It is hoped that my humble blog will be enriched with photo-essays, notwithstanding the textual information thrown in for balanced reading and perhaps interactive discussion with you.

Thanks for visiting don’t hesitate to leave any comments!

Contact Me and let’s be positively engaged in a meaningful way.


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